Seven Months Old!

You’re seven months old! Can you believe it?  Oh Sylas, you’re amazing every single day! These past seven months have been such a joy getting to know you.  You are so much more than I could have ever imagined, and I love you so very much!  At seven months old you are still not crawling, but today you did get up on all fours and put one knee in front of the other, along with your hands, but then decided to sit back down.  You got your first two teeth, the bottom ones, the day you turned 7 months old, and boy are they sharp!  You are happy, and fun, and love to play.  You love everyone you meet, and are happy everywhere we take you as long as you are with us.  You love toys that crinkle and make a lot of noise and you love to bang your hands on things to see what noise it makes.  You are very curios and observant.  You already know what toys you have thoroughly examined, and what toys you have not, and if you are in the mood to look at something new, no old toy will do.  You love all food we have given you, including thai food last night, and loved it.  You are now eating off of our plate, as long as it is soft and easy to munch on.  You are 20 pounds now, which means you have already surpassed Reeces weight at this age! (Something daddy is quite proud of)  You are the light of our lives, Sylas Aiden Honea, and I don’t think we would be who we are without you!  You give us joy, pleasure, and motivation to do wonderful things for you and for us! I love you so much!

Love your momma!

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